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Confira a Letra Whatever It Takes

Nate Sallie

Whatever It Takes

Who was to try to live without you
Thinking I could do things my own way
Lord I know that I should never doubt you
I get so lost and lonely when I stray
Now it's time to
Surrender to you
'Cause I'm just a man who believes
And it's you that I need

Whatever it takes
That's what I'll do
I'd give anything to get back to you
I know I was wrong
And I've made some mistakes
But I'm gonna do whatever it takes
Whatever it takes

In a world of darkness and temptation
Only you can give me eyes to see
Father you're my strength and my salvation
I trust you'll show me who I'm supposed to be
I will follow
Anywhere that you lead
For it's your will not mine
I'm gonna prove it this time

I'm standin' here 'cause I've got nothing to lose
I lost it all when I walked away from you
This time around
I won't let you down