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Confira a Letra Blind



A cathedral of rotten flesh
Raising the hands full of blood
Self-proclaimed holy majesty
Unique is their hypocrisy
Behind their smile they hide
The death and pain
Of a thousand lost children
Outcast and despised

Don´t confess there is no betrayal
How their want everyone to believe
There´s just anguish, misery and death
And our scorn when we are released

Slay for gods sake
Kill in jesus name
All the lies they´ve told
All the souls they´ve sold

On behalf of the pope the say
They do things of incredible cruelty
Now you starve now you mourn
But what they have sold they will reap

So in the end we will prevail
Sword wielding we ride towards victory
Under the flag of baphomet
We´ll devastate and take revenge