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Confira a Letra Coming For You


Coming For You

Here we go
You promised gold
For just an ounce of hope
And sweat and splashing greed
Like that's all you need

Calming tones
Sincerely soaked
'been feeling like I can't believe that this scene is the one that I need
And they're all with me

Because I'm feeling withdrawn from all the gloss that you've grown
And spread all over this town to bait them
Now I'm walking alone with a spring in my step
The wind in my sails, the sun at my back

And yes I'm taking you on with your reality shows
You're cocaine nose and all those hearts that you broke
I'm coming for you

And so it goes
Your feeling owed
For all bestowed and opportunity
Wasted on me

But all I see are piles of receipts
And not a second of time off the clock
Or the friendship you promised me
And now I'm finally free