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Confira a Letra Raining



Breathing in slowly
Taking her time
She's feeling the progress
Watching his eyes

A jump-start to courage
The drink makes her loose
She's making her move

If only it were raining
Then this could be a movie
Inspiring everybody
With a happy ending

His palms are reacting
To the heat of the mood
He notices her beauty
Overflowing the view

Now everywhere's sweating
His throat is thread thin
She's coming towards him


Closer�.maybe soul mates


And now they're getting closer
They're feeling something stronger
It's bigger than their footsteps

True love around the corner?

And this is it�

Wow an XO t-shirt, I love Elliott too
What a genuine voice for our generation to lose
Yeah, well it's not mine
Somebody left it at my house
I'm more of a Buckley fan
His timbre consistently haunts me

Well it's nice to meet you
I guess I'll see you around


But this isn't a movie
There's no happy ending
Tomorrow they'll be alone
Wondering where they went wrong