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Confira a Letra Prisoners

Nazarite Vow


I am not a saint
But my motive costs
Prepared by animals the face of the lost
When these bars go up
You'll see them swarm over the hill
Give my children back
As tame as a bear
Prepare the furnace, were gonna burn,
We're gonna burn
Now, they lead me through the hall
They show me what i'm called
And i speak with no regret
This place can burn in hell
Give me the right to speak
These shackles are too tight
Lost as one another, we've saved
Our empty heart is saved
Hung up by one another
What hope does that give us
We're not dancing yet
Give in to your eyes
As my pockets are full of your disguise
And burn it all to hell
We'll burn it all to hell
The burning of a new age, come
Feel the burning of a new ages, come
Give my children back
Oh, we're coming home
The flames of, new ages
Give it some time, give it some time
The flames of
We're coming home, we're coming home
New ages