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Confira a Letra Impetus Quartae Lunae Novae


Impetus Quartae Lunae Novae

Quarta nova luna est anni zorg et baazgor
Impetum facturus est in arcem kamuth.
Tenebrarum amplexus ad continendum exercitum
Sulphureum non sufficit.
Vigiliae ad arma conclamant et statim oleum
Fervidum de moenibus manat, cum caelum
Plurimis telis missis a sagittariis illustratur.
Tenax est patientia humana sed nihil potest
Contra arefe's lapidis consumptores qui suis
Validis maxillis kamuth devorant.

[the assault of the fourth newmoon]

It's the fourth newmoon of the zorg's year and
Baazgor is ready to attack the citadel of
Kamuth, last human stronghold.
The embrace of darkness isn't enough to contain
The sulphurous army.
The sentinels give warning and suddenly boiling
Oil strains from the walls
While the sky is illuminated by hundreds of
Darts flaying by the elves archer.