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Confira a Letra Virginia Dare

Neal Casal

Virginia Dare

You were here
And now you're gone
Hoping just to find some place where you belong
Let me know
Before too long
How the world's been treating you
And if you finally heard that song
To make you want to stay
And if so, let it play

I find it hard
To see you now
As if you'd never even really come around
Left behind
And feeling down
It's not that I'd forgotten you
It's not as if I'd said a word
To make you want to stay

Oh, Virginia dare
You're on my mind
Oh, Virginia dare

Before the flood
Comes rushing in
We should try to find some place to start again
It's only life
It's always been
The same thing's confusing you about the life you couldn't find
To make you want to stay
What can I say?

Oh, Virginia dare
You're on my mind
Oh, Virginia dare