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Confira a Letra No, It's A Lie


No, It's A Lie

No, It's A Lie

Once upon ad ancient time there was a tale
A forged tale from men to men
This tell that all a god creation
Of a supreme being good and generous to faithful

No, it's a lie
A fucked lie
That's enough
It is necessary revotionize the belief
And return to dominion

Once upon a time there was a legend
A legend narrate from insane men to foolish men
This play that god is dead and man take the power
'till thathe think himself god and he want to rule all

No, it's a lie
A dangerous lie
That's enough
Don't think to be almighty
The man is a mere nothing, he don't can rule

In this time there is a prophecy
A prophecy said from few men to men that don't listen
The elect say that the people destroy himself and world
And nature turned on to it do away with humanity

Yes, it's the truth
The impending truth
The humanity will be eliminated from the strenght of nature
Will be eliminated and everything return from zero

In a future time don't distant there will be the armageddon
The elimination of humanity and her reason
Everything will start from beginning and better
Fuck the human power's ideology