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Confira a Letra Funeral Flesh Feast

Necrotic Flesh

Funeral Flesh Feast

Afterwards i was entombed,
But my death was just assumed.
Now i'm lying six feet under
Just to still my monstrous hunger:

Funeral flesh feast

A woman buried next to me,
Devoured by bugs and vermin.
But it's too dark so i can't see
Where i have to splash my sperm in.

Funeral flesh feast

So i begin to tear off her skin,
To carve up the slut and rip out her gut.
I drink her blood by using her cunt
As a small bowl with festering hole.

I start to eat her rotting meat
And chew her fresh necrotic flesh.
Her pussy slime i drink like wine
And her entrails i enjoy with snails.

While trying to fuck her stinking butt
There pours a gas out of her ass.
I cut her breast off from the chest
And for dessert i eat the scrap of her.

Abusing her for a while
A stench comes from another bile.
I smell the reek of putrefaction
That's attracting my attention.

Funeral flesh feast

But unfortunately i'll be exhumed!