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Confira a Letra Necrotic Flesh

Necrotic Flesh

Necrotic Flesh

We are the army of darkness
We take control of the world
Infiltrate human minds
Enslave whole mankind

Army of darkness
We are the ones - the troops of doom
So hear us call
Follow the lords - the army of darkness
Give praise to us
Down on your knees - and kiss our feet
We are the fire
That burns your soul

Our word is your law - forget all you know
Fuck jesus christ - liar to everyone
The only way out - is to do what we say
To murder, slash, slaughter and destroy

So hear our calls - deep in your mind
That force you to kill - follow the command
To torture, dismember, strangle till death
This is what we want from you - to do

We are the legion of satan
We are necrotic flesh
Deathrone the christians god
That morbid angels rot.