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Confira a Letra Suffer From a Very Slow Amputation

Necrotic Flesh

Suffer From a Very Slow Amputation

Nauseating screams unheard
By milling through your bones,
A human dissection
I look at your bodies starting to gush
Gore in my face, my bloodlust's rising

Torsos lie in pools of blood
Fresh cut up wounds, refusing to clot
Portions of necrotic flesh
I like to chew your purulent stumps

Strangulate your throats with pain
By breaking up your necks, gruesome suffocation
Slicing through your eyes and ears
Dismembering your tongues, an endless excructation

Buchered embryos at birth
Cut out of your wombs, in monstrous menstruation
Escaping excrements of fear
Mixing up with guts, an oral defecation

Suffer from very slow amputation
Sawing limb for limb, a corporal decay
Suffer from a very slow amputation
Overpowering carnage by mass mutilation