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Confira a Letra Bestiality

Necrotic Flesh


Morbid lust for sodomy
Brutally raped - bestiallity
Bum-fucked to the bloody gore
Buggery with jesus' whore

Zoological preference
Satisfied from virulence
Fucking with a beast of prey
Till your cunt starts to decay

Bullock's dick, grind down ass
Intenstines fly in total mess

Demon's seed grows in your womb
He will rise from your bones tomb
Your carcass lies donw ripped and torn
Satan's spawn will soon be born

The horse's cock is forced to split
Your intense bleeding, swollen clit

Fist-fucked innards splash
In pieces of necrotic flesh
Ripped out bowels gush
In fluids full of septic mush
Brain drips out - severed head
Entrails splattered - infestead

Fucked by the beast - satandemon
Raped by the horned - satandemon
Licked by the goat - satandemon
Screwed by the hellhound - satandemon

I feel deep gratification
From your bestial devastation
Your body - crushed for gory feast
After fucking with the beast

Your body was crushed for gory feast
After bestiallity with the beast