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Confira a Letra Searching For Brain Liquor

Necrotic Flesh

Searching For Brain Liquor

Rude awakening, bathed in sweat,
In the night.
I hear a sound of scary screams
From inside the children's room.
Checking up what's going on
I see creatures eat my son!
While running back in my room
The horror starts to run:

Creatures walking on the floor.
It's my brain they're searching for.
Blood drips out of their head.
What the hell, are they dead?

It's their aim to eat my brain
And suck the last blood from my vein.
So searching for my brain liquor
They come closer on the floor.
I barricade the bedroom door
With everything that i can find.
But no chance they're breaking in
These creatures of the darkening.

Creatures coming through the door.
It's also blood they're looking for.
Brain drips out of their head.
Holy shit, they're undead!

Soaked from blood, burst out gut.
They have no souls but much holes.

Searching for brain liquor

They stab my wife with a blunt knife,
Hopelessly to save her life!
Motionless she's lying down,
The creatures gnawing on her bone.
Then they attack straight my head,
Afterwards my skull feels cracked.
They eat my brain, so i transform:
Now i'm crawling like a worm!

Now i'm creeping through the gore,
It was my brain they're searching for!
Blood drips out from my head,
What a luck, i am dead!