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Confira a Letra Diamond Lane


Diamond Lane

She's high on drugs and he's always drunk
Such a sexual tension is not a secret to anyone around
But they keep missing each other
Missing the signs
Missing the lines

When he's high, she's down
When she's upstairs, he's underground
Oh what a beautiful pair
Oh what a strange couple
But love can be so complicated nowadays
And i get bored so easily

I'm not the kind of man that falls in love so easily
Sharing the same vice anyhow
We connect so naturally
You can take me on a journey
I will take you on a ride
But you know you'll fing me now and then
Strung out and still coming on to you
Heaven knows i crave and i long for you
Cause you're so sweet and awkward
So i'll try to melt into your mind
Then we can go from here
And forget about the wisemen
Cause it's alright
Yeah it's alright

No we're not on the yellow brick road
But let's take a walk on diamond lane
Diamond lane
Diamond lane

Call it