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Confira a Letra How To Succeed

Nick Jonas

How To Succeed

Dear reader, this little book is designed
To tell you everything you need
To know about the science of getting ahead.
Now let us assume you're young, healthy, clear-eyed and eager
Anxious to quickly and easily rise
To the top of the business world
You can!
I can!

If you have education and intelligence
And ability, so much the better
But remember that thousands have
Reached the top without any of these qualities
Just have courage and memorize
These simple rules in the chapters that follow
If you truly wish to be among
The lucky golden few, you can!
I can!

How to apply for a job
How to advance for the mail room
How to sit down on a desk
How to dictate memorandums
How to develop executive style
How to commute in a three bottom suit
With that weary executive smile

This book is all what I need
How to, how to succeed
This book is all what I need
How to, how to succeed

How to choose the right company
Before applying for a job
Make sure you have chosen the right company
It is essential that the company be a big one
It should be at least big enough
So that nobody knows exactly what anyone else is doing

How to observe personnel
How to select whom to lunch with
How to avoid petty friends
How to begin making contacts
How to walk into a conference room
With an idea, brilliant business idea
That will make your expense account zoom
This book is all what I need
How to, how to succeed