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Confira a Letra Black Flower

Nirvana (UK)

Black Flower

Wear a black flower
You Miss Together now
You're the man in the dirty street
With children at your feet
Have a black flower
You Mr Policeman
And High Court second judge
Who never never bears a grudge

Pick a black flower
Girl in the supermart
Holy man in the monastry
With all your mystery
Buy a black flower
You that I don't know yet
Girl in the music scene
And model in between

Black flower grow
Easy easy take it slow
Black flower grow
Red light green light got to go

Black flower grow
Look at all the people down below
Black flower grow
Easy easy easy take it slow

Paradise found
The world is breaking up
Now the devil can spread his wings
And everybody sings

Paint a new world
Ah, before it is too late
A place where we can dream
Of how the world should seem