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Confira a Letra Love Suite

Nirvana (UK)

Love Suite

Why I am I behind the door
Walking up and down the floor
He never comes
Every night its the same
Just passing time and asking whos to blame
And end up saying love is just a game

Love is just a game to play
Just to win or go away
Ill always lose
Broken up like a toy
I dont deserve to have
Sit and cry
Just hanging round and waiting for a boy

Every day I brush my teeth
Wear clean socks and wash my feet
Im always smart
When Im out on the town
Im not that looking still they are letting me down
Id like to find a girl to stick around

But Im afraid that Im too shy
To talk to girls as they go by
Its always hard when I try to make friends
They say hello and then its always the end
Im always sad so why should I pretend?

We fight
We scream out loud
But were in love
We sing
We dance so high
Yes, I love you
Were sick
Were sad
But still were always glad
For love
For life its ours, it cant be planned
Were old
Were young
But yet well never come
Were down
Were dead
But wait, were way ahead

But love is a game
Where you win or you lose
Can you explain the consequences right here
Because we have found that love is always near