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Confira a Letra Monozygotic



You're spirit's high
my spirit's low
where's the trust
we once showed
we felt obliged to hang on
to eachother for too long

we shared our bed shared our room
now we sing out of tune
the Muscle Sound all around
on the last account

what's the matter with you
all this crap you're telling me
your 10ct. Psychology

what do you mean I hurt you
why can't you forget the past
your obsession is a blast

I family-tied you up
when you forced me to drink from that poisened cup
the twins we were have died
now you're an only child

you're double-hearted
you were never there
when I cried
because to you
I was weak
always on a losing streak

we shared our bed shared our youth
now we're men wearing boots
to kick eachother, make sure it stings
like Kain and Abel, though we were twins

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