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Confira a Letra Photographs In Black And White


Photographs In Black And White

The city in a hundred ways,
It wouldn't let you stay.
Remember all the thankless days
And the lousy take home pay?

The photographs in black and white
That show you playing close to type -
Your eyes against the midday light,
Your eyes when they still had the fight.

They loved you
When you thought that no-one could.
They loved you
When you said that no-one should.

You talk so fast
To stop yourself from thinking.
You move so fast
So you'll never see you're sinking.

They love you
When you think that no-one can.
They love you
And they'll tell you that they understand.

They love you,
Then they say you're much too,
Much too bland.

Spending days on the phone,
While the cold eats your bones.

How in the world do you make it right?
How in the world do you make a life?