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Confira a Letra An Anvil

Noah Georgeson

An Anvil

Here you come
Brandishing weapons
You've got only one
And it's not even sharp
Gnashing your teeth
I'm the cave
To your matador
Or else I'm the bull
Either way
You're in charge

And the day rings
As bright
As an anvil

But I've sought
The shade of your
Pendulous tongue

And the night falls
As heavy as an anvil

But I've kept
My warmth in the wool
Of your lungs

Here you come
Harpoons for fingers
Haven't the fins
To defend me from harm
Flashing your teeth
You're a real
First class carnivore
I'm not the meal
But still
You're in charge

And the looks were
As hot as an anvil
But I've gone to sleep
In the shade
Of your tongue

And the mood was
As black
As an anvil
But I've sought
The warmth
In the balm
Of your lungs