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Confira a Letra Miles and Miles


Miles and Miles

Some people sing treading high above the world
But I say let us roll, 1, 2, 3, 4...

Floating high above the world
I see for miles and miles
It's such a magic place
I can see through sleeping eyes
A message in the air
I hope will change the world
I look all around me
Don't wanna change my view
'Cause I've been dreaming of love
Baby, I tell you

If you need a little bit of lovin', come on
I'll show you what to do
If you need a little bit of lovin', come on
I'll show you what to do, come on

I can see for miles and miles
I got it all worked out
I wanna take you there
We'll stand upon the mountain top
Where we can scream and shout
And no one else will care
Well, I'm only dreamin' but it feels so good
I wanna dream a little harder
Make it all come true


Here we go, take a chance...
We all need it, need it, yeah, we all need it
Come on world, you just gotta believe it
Can't you feel it
I can see for miles and miles, yeah
Come on...