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Confira a Letra Yvonne

The blink of your eyes makes me always think
Of how life can be
And you stand over there watching and smiling
Contemplating my heart's shine

And I'm trying to reach you
But I can't for now
But I can't
But I can’t anyhow

Please God forgive me for dreaming so high
And I can feel that life gets bloody in the night

If it's not the cancer that kills you
If it's not the pain that chokes you
If it's not the hate that carries you
It's you, if you do surrender

I wish I could live that sparkle where I've seen you
I wish you could hear my cries
I wish you could smile to me

So wait for me
So wait for me

And you know well that not with words I will carry on
Not with false kisses I will be enchanted
And you do know well that I will push ahead
And you are certain that I will embrace you even if I'm dead