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Confira a Letra Dazzling Black

Nomad (POL)

Dazzling Black

I am your darkness
I am your footpath to the bottom
I am your chaos
I am over your future

Attached to rock poured with glitter of the setting sun.
You are pondering on the tumult of minds dazed with dreams.
You are strengthening yourself in nothingness which fills you up and falls asleep.
The green glow surrounds your vault of the jitters.
Hugs the heart of prudence and whispers to you, live!

Somewhere higher of your being i am cutting into your image like the fog
Like black, stormy clouds i am catching up with your senses
And like a shadow i am over you, simulating the end of everything.

I am touching you with sneaky word and changing your hierarchy of truths.
I am touching you with sudden numbness and i am watching
How silently your hate grows.
I am touching you with sudden need and i am watching your vacillation
Catch my lines formed into pride and dance with the queen of muses.
Catch my eyesight and keep searching.
I will give you the uncertainty amongst gardens of secrets
I will give you faith in your own power
And as far as the eye can see all is mine!