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Confira a Letra Merciful Agony

Nomad (POL)

Merciful Agony

Merciful fate
Is wandering somewhere in mind
Pictures of a beautiful moment are flitting
I draw the door in my heart
While a thorny fruit of the scattered night
I'm swallowing in moonshine

Yes, in that brightness
you stayed covered with a shade
So known but distant
You had hands covered with a dew
And your hair was as rose shreds

Wind blows away your black garments
Your delightful touch covers me so

When you wrap up my body
by a noose of dream
You beat thorns deep
You tear me up like a vulture
My scars bum
White you are waiting for a step

The deep of my hampered dreams
And thy mouth full of canines
I stop to drink ah envy nectar
Made red-hot like a steel,
I melt in a fog
You run away to the night like a specter

Around me flowers have already faded away
And a bird has stirred up the wind by its wings
I hold strongly while blood is so gushing
By stream of desires I swim away
The deep of my hampered dreams
And the mouth full of canines