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Confira a Letra Metronome



I want to break the things that seek
To control, i want to live my life with
No rules at all, i want to smash the
Lips that smile down on me, i want
To rip and teer until i am free

Steady, keep it, steady

I want to touch the places lost deep
Inside, i want to see the ugly faces
That hide, i want to mach down to the
End of what's there, i went to strip
The surface till all is bare

Steady, keep it, steady

I want to jump out of my skin and be
Free, i want to kill the little thing that
Is me, i want to laugh and giggle, i want
To scream, i want to wake up from this
Life crushing dream, i want to wash my
Body bare in the stream, i want to
Liberate this human machine, i want to spit
And grovel i want to shit, i want to
Make you wonder what is it? what
Is it?

You know one thing that i think attracts people
To a steady beat, to a steady beat, is the certainty
Of where it will be, of where it will be, in the next
Moment, its inevitability with no variation, the
Comfort and security of knowing what and who you
Are, you hear that beat, you hear that beat, it's
Beating on you, it's beating on me, you hear that beat,
You hear that beat, it's beating on you, it's
Beating on you.