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Confira a Letra Red Devil


Red Devil

Red devil bites your neck
Your tongue's stiking out, your cock is erect
You've run out of screams, you've scattered the deck
Red Devil

Blue eyed creep, dig your hands in deep
Red Devils squawks like a night bird in the jungle heat
In warm water my tongue creeps
But don't make too much noise, cause the monster's asleep

Your cock is erect, your tongue's sticking out
You're shaken and taken and cast all about
Red Devil

You're burning, you're burning
Flame and steam, the blush of lust
Red Devil

Blue eyed creep, dig your hands in deep
Crawl in, crawl in, crawl in deep
Your dreams are wet and then you forget
The monster's asleep

Fog and night, endless fight
I rise from the muck a Prince of Cups
Tou shhalt not kill, this is my will
Rise up and kill, this is my will
Red Devil

Up from the muck, my tongue's in the cup
Rise up and kill, this is my will
This is my will, rise up and kill