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Confira a Letra Ride The Flume


Ride The Flume

If I could travel back in time
I'd go to 1899
High in the Sierra Hills
And ride the lumber down the Sanger flume

The flume
Ride the flume
Ride the flume
Ride the flume
Watch out for that tree

Forget log rides in amusement parks
This one's 50 miles long
Water slide with four foot sides
Down the mountain, 60 miles an hour

Drop through the Devil's Slide
Four thousand feet in 13 miles
Miss a curve, ya sail into space
Hope them 2 x 4's don't break

The flume
Ride the flume
Ride the flume
Me and you

Watch out for that tree
Watch out for that tree!

To the sides of the cliffs we cling

The trestle creaks
As we're swept across the canyon
100 feet below
Rickety timbers - please don't fail me now

Oh no...

Watch out for that tree
Watch out for that tree
Or its pine cone sex face first
For you and me.