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Confira a Letra Defence



As the first rays of light
Climb over the line of the horizon
We're lurking on the tops of sturdy walls
Men at arms their lungs filled with the winter's breeze

Down below salty waves beat the rocks
Our fortress withstands the teeth of time
I feel the weapon cold and moist in my hands
My eyes are more than awake focussing out to infinity

In the grey raging seas up north
The defence stands strong as a rock
From the coastal fortress high above
We are defending the winter's realm

Then we can see them coming from the south
Having embarked a thousand miles away
Their objective is to defeat us
And finally to invade the frozen fields behind our lines

Willing to avoid this at all costs
We are awaiting their approach
An unimaginable tension in our limbs
Waiting to have them in range of our arms


The moment has come at last
It's time to open fire
A hundred blows crashing out of our tubes
The earth quakes from artillery longing for cannon fodder

Fatally surprised no time to fire back
The Saracens abandon their crippled ships
Smoke fire pieces of wood
The invaders fleet :
No more than pitiful remains...


Victory for the northern defence!