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Confira a Letra My Sun


My Sun

A time of vegetating
Of dark and desperate moods
Has now come to an end
The cause is you

And with you appearance
I regained strenght and hope
You took me to the light
There is sense of existence

You my sweetness you have burnt
The black veils hanging 'fore my eyes
You have chased the frost out of my corpse
And you've made my iced heart melt

I bet that you will keep me warm
From now on 'till my fucking end
That I may lie safely in your arms
That you'll stay my hellsent

In Unity we sweep away
The sinister demons of hades
Who so long made me regard
Myself as a creature of night

I was able to catch thy rays
But am I able to keep thy warmth
Or will it fade one day?
You are...
... My sun!!!