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Confira a Letra Spinners



Today they've done - they've woven your cocoon
Under their care you're safe from danger
Their needle will sew your eyelids with
A golden thread. To save your eyes from the sun
That dares to shine on your plagued crowd
From the sun that burns up rotting flesh
That you hide
From now on you don't belong to yourself
You gave them keys to all your treasuries
Now you are one with all your neighbors
The lemic cote – that's where you have to stay
And never try to get away
You pray just for another silent day

In the fire – your pride is burning
In the swamp – your future is drowning

It's all over

Slender ranks
Unity reigns
The sweetest fun
To curse the Sun

But on the bottom
Beast is growing
And it's rising faster than they can get