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Confira a Letra Misogyny

N. Tesla


Autumn breath erased my calm
And brought back separation
Inside four walls it is so cold
I know my heart is frozen
Flowers on my window turned to dust so quickly
The fact that I have the last chance
It makes me sober

Sometimes fate blocks our ways
And we loose each other
Don’t waste your time
Don’t say goodbye
If you want to see her again

Going down becoming pale
I’m your observation slave
My eyes are hostages of your
Incredibly attractive face
I’m driven by obsession
It s just my life's engine
I recollect all the things we had
Our love and passion

Just so you know I won’t bring you down
I'll make myself better than ever
Just so you know the only one thing
I'll be right here with you

I twist my soul to the underside
But you reject my revelation
Your stupid ignorance kills me
Without any purpose
Don’t hide yourself under this mask of cold indifference
Please don’t make me wait for unbearable frustration