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Confira a Letra Intro/Human Experiment


Intro/Human Experiment

Trapped within a filthy cage
A human life is put to waste
So science may search his feeble mind
Never to know what they might find

They rip the flesh from atop his head
Plant the probes into his brain, inbred
Feeding on his hopes and fears
Seeking the answers that lie so near

Breeding torment into a human soul
Exploiting the pain
To seize all his control
Eating away at his useless mind
Destined to destroy this way they call mankind

He'll live in silence
Exist in fear
Rotting destiny
As his end draws near

Lesions on his skin
He screams in tortured pain
Ripping out the cords
Pierced within his veins
Bathing in the blood
Feeding on his waste
Losing all control
Find ways to escape

Though his search is endless
His strength has grown so weak
Yet thoses who have control
Disregard his please
Just a cruel experiment
Tested for disease
So they may improve a life
That of a sentient beast


All hope is now lost
As his life slips away
A victim of a science
Just known to desecrate
He calls out to his leaders
In hopes of being saved
To live a life of paradise
Then to revel in this waste

Though believing in a god
He will soon forget
Letting him down
Since that day of regret
That day he was given life
To bask within his plight
Controlled by science at birth
To feed this rancid earth

In search of wisdom
Your life will represent
Exploring through your living flesh
The human experiment