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Confira a Letra Aa Bhi Ja Rut Badal Jayegi

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Aa Bhi Ja Rut Badal Jayegi

aa bhii jaa rut badal jaayegii
chaaNdnii raat Dhal jaayegii

Come now [else] the climate would change
[and] this moon-lit night would pass.

ruKh sa pardaa haTaa liijiye
merii hasrat nikal jaayegii

Remove the veil from [your] face
[so that] my desire is fulfilled.

un ko le aao charaagaro
merii haalat sambhal jaayegii

Call her, O my sympathizers!
[and] my condition would improve.

tum na aao to Khat bhej do
kuch tabiiyat bahal jaayegii

If you are not coming, send a letter instead
[at least] I would feel better for some time.

hai pariishaaN sambhaalo zaraa
zulf ruKh pe machal jaayegii

Hold the restless tresses them for a while
[else] they would fall over the face.

tere bin chaaNdnii mere ghar
aaj aayii na kal jaayegii

Without you, moonlight in my house
came neither today nor it would tomorrow.

tere kuuche kii sarkash havaa
Khaak chehre pe mal jaayegii

Arrogant wind of your house
would blow dust at my face.

ai “Fana”! dil lagaa lo kahiiN
zindagii ruKh badal jaayegii

O “Fana”! fall in love [with someone]
[and] your life would change its direction.