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Confira a Letra Dearly Beheaded

Oath To Vanquish

Dearly Beheaded

Lured to maim anatomy
Aiming beyond the norms of sanity
One probability rotten degeneration
Mutilate a horde of culprits
Saturate a sordid revelation
Rolling heads beseeching in death a synergy

Flaunt a naked adversary
Tied, asphyxiated eternally
Final struggle for breath while death seems apparent
Elegy of a separated soul

Free an eager mental illness
Covet the bleeding
Savour the mutilated
Harvest appealing cadavers violated
Atrocious escapade
Cultivate? heads of the desecrated
Suffering permeated, living annihilated final faces

Judiciary of the lord's prying delegation
Preying low unrivalled schemers
Unrealistic accusations fabricated
Consumed by sacrificial alters

Work to condemn the brave to be obliterated
Bare blasphemers burnt alive
Face indisputable engendered reality

Death? festered foul return to vile assault
Enemy slain by the neck
By a blade that recites
Till the end a deity time and again

Read the decree one to foresee rued fully, see?