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Confira a Letra Never Too Late

Obscenity Trial

Never Too Late

I once was lost in a love so cruel
And i've sworn that won't be sad
If i should stay alone
'cause i don't want to be hurt
So i better try alone 'cause it
Anyway would be the best for me

But i've got roses on my mind
When you're by my side
Believe there's nothing left to hide
When you're by my side
I'm praying that there is a way
For you here to stay
Even if i'll be afraid

It's never too late to fall in love

Now i try to trust in my love again
Though i don't know for sure
What will happen now and then
I will try to believe in the chance we have
Yes i'll try to give our love a chance

Yes try to let our roses grow
And leave my fears behind
Really feel like i was blind
Now leave my fears behind
'cause i feel that you're the right
To stay by my side
Even if i'll be afraid

It's never too late to fall in love