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Confira a Letra Screw Me

O'Conner Sidney

Screw Me

Far out across the sea
a glorious vision appeared to me.
I heard it call upon my name
It told me secrets of basic fame
I broke into an cheerful smile
Til I learned I had to travel over a mile
It wasn't to be a simple task
If you care to know, why don't you ask?

A wonderful journey. Why won't you see?
A fantastic trip. Why won't you be?
An amazing vision. It came to me!
A hored of burdens. I will not flea!

I packed up my home and I started travel.
I wore good shoes so I wouldn't trip on the gravel.
Time sure passes slow when you're really bored.
Til you come apon, a bitch and a whore.
They invited me in and they tore off my clothes
And we made love in the night and had sex as I froze!
I getting annoyed with the bitch that couldn't screw right!
She was pissing me off as she sucked on my selulight!


After that night I wasn't sure what to say
Except for "thanks for the night" and goodbye with dismay.
Back on my journey I was travelling once again.
I had a gun with me now and an ink filled pen.
But what should I do with suck worthless objects.
What should I do when I'm crapping in a Logget!