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Confira a Letra Thirteen Jurors Hanging

October's End

Thirteen Jurors Hanging

This pyre sanctifies me
An imperfect entity
Transformed by surface formation
Mist curtains details
Of selection, natural and otherwise
My direction sung
By deluded sympathy
An escalating coherence
Subversive divinity

Solitary and melodious
This symphony of pain
My decree ultimate
Presentiments of ravaged choice
Echo delusions fallen from favor
To cradled sufferance
Find in this scorn
An excoriating sustenance
For a void moment

Scraped and forced
Fed on betrayal
Honey-sweet poison tongue
Witness my change
Only for this one

Tomorrow, future security
Bare-boned and stark
Carmine, this revelation
Scarlet, traitorous deceit
And mine, these catacombs of craving

It decries mistake-
My regret
Your reluctance
This damaged pavane
Serenades remorse
With morsels of finger-bitten scrutiny
A cavernous, echoing emptiness

Shine, for celerity to demise
Scratching scintillation
Clawed misery
My festering desire apes pardon
Joyous novelle machinations
This god,