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Confira a Letra Beyond Repair

Odd Crew

Beyond Repair

Breathe in, calmly as it goes
Static in meaning, the life that you chose
Breath out, hanging dead on the roots you hold
So full of shit but so easy to grow
Well seated, well faked
Watching the disease outbreak
Exclusive of pain
You'd pay to follow the game

Corrupted, faceless, made frail
Broken beyond repair

Nothing holds your empty soul
In with no meaning and out with no goal
Well laid deep in the sequent fail
Rots the beginning of your own betrayal
Undisturbed for a while
You'd leave the stage with a smile
No warning foretold
Just a piece of history to fold

Corrupted, faceless, made frail
Broken beyond repair

Niggard, faceless, made frail
Broken beyond repair

Passing by
Life by lie

No difference you'll make
As a victim of this plague
Watching the next round
Till you're awoken from the shaking ground