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Confira a Letra LWTGG

And my girl be in a two piece
Chillin' poolside in the shade rollin' doobies
Say they want the old me, y'all gon' get the new me
Mothafuck the fakes who been actin' like they knew me
Y'all don't really know me
I ain't ya fuckin' homie
You's a fuckin' lame, just a fake and a phony
Sippin' Styrofoam, puff a J full of OG
Rubberband man like I'm TI in '03
Lean with the Grey Goose
Same color grape juice
I was in the city throwin' money out the sun roof
I been gettin' money pretty baby what you gon' do
Don't you try and tell me that you feelin' what I'm going through
Know that I be icy
Shawty you my wifey
I been smokin' green and sippin' purple in a white tee
White sand beaches, my nights been sleepless
Put the pussy on me, man that shit'll leave you speechless
Big bank roll, yeah I been paid
I been steady twistin' up the marijuana all day
If you need a friend all you gotta do is call me
Lawn chair chillin' with a swisher full of palm tree
Underwater tank is lookin' something like an army
Muzzle flash bustin' out the window of the Humvee
I just need a friend, shawty lately I been lonely
Gon' drop it low back it up and put it on me, you want me
Yeah, and I'mma keep it real with ya
Fuckin' with the set, shootas gon' deal with ya
I fuck around and let the steel hit ya
Hotel suite waodie rollin' up the big swisher
Yeah, them hips don't lie
Pretty baby you know you the apple of my eye
Without you, man I swear I'd prolly die
Rollin' up a swisher we could take flight

I been smokin'
I been smokin'