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Confira a Letra Sonic

Ayy yeah
Smoking, cruising, driving slow
Stop my car and hit this dope
Drop the top and do the dash
Getting money, all I know

Pour it up and sip it slow
Getting high and sittin' low
I touchdown in Venice
Shawty say my wrist Bellissimo

Maison's with Lacoste
Got the juice and got the sauce
Boa Hancock give me top
Tommy bag and Tommy socks
Doing donuts in the Beamer
Looking like SSJ Vegeta
Fuck a feature, I don't need it
My team is undefeated

In my Tommy slits
Blowing on the swish
Shawty do her lips, and then she blow a kiss
Look how I did it windows tinted???
Smoking on gas and you smoke midget
I envision seven digits
Is you balling?
Just a smidgen

Imma break the bank
Dripping in a Bape
Roll up with my team, spilling my champagne
Two doors, switching lanes
Pull up, let my system bang
Hanging 10, ripping waves with my surfer babe, yeah yeah

Who is you?
Rocking Christian Lou'
'Bout to box a coupe
Grab the juice
On the Fruity Loops in some Gucci shoes

Woke up lit as fuck
Grab the swisher, dump the guts
Spark the blunt, take a puff
Break it down and roll it up, aye

Fiji water ring
Do the dash like I'm sonic
Alexander McQueen, counting cash, smoking chronic, ooh
They ain't saying shit
I'm the saiyan prince with the window tints
Marijuana residue on my Mercedes Benz

Burning up the gas on the backwood, ayy
Did 110 on my dashboard, ayy
Blowing smoke on the asphalt, ayy
We be blowing smoke on the asphalt, yeah yeah
Burning up the gas in the backwoods, ayy
Couple stamps in my passport, ayy
Did 110 on my dashboard, ayy
We been blowing smoke on the asphalt, yeah yeah