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Confira a Letra Dress Me Up

Olivia Lufkin

Dress Me Up

Why are you looking at me like that?
I do not feel a very good vibe
Why are you pushing me away?
Well now it's not like I really want to stay
Oh, I, I might be small
But that doesn't mean I can't reach the sky
I, I might be weak
But that doesn't mean you can knock me down

*Don't dress me up
I'm already dressed
Do you like my shoes?
Why are you turning away?
You haven't seen nothing yet


Why aren't you giving me a chance?
I have a way of my own
Why are you being so damn cruel?
Hey look you are a human being like me
Oh, I might trip and fall
But that doesn't mean I don't know how to stand tall
I don't look like her
But I'm glad as hell I am who I am


Don't dress me up
I'm already dressed
I've got something to say
You don't know what I can do
But you do know who I am.

Don't tear me up
Into many pieces
You can't touch my soul
You better get used to it
'cause I'm not going nowhere


Don't dress me up
Dress me up...

You haven't seen nothing yet.