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Confira a Letra Endless Winter


Endless Winter

Well it's the season of the doomed
My brothers and sisters, let us pray
Under the moon
To the gods of sorrow and dismay
To give us strength
To endure these winds that blow our way
In the Endless Winter
Where it gets colder every day

I lost my soul in the Endless Winter

An avalanche of pain
My hopes and dreams encased in ice
Bitterness, it rains
Like the snow that's falling from the sky
Welling up inside
Icy pools of coldness fill my eyes
Streaming down my face
Frozen tears that I cried

My spirit died in the Endless Winter

Now my time grows short
I won't live to see the seasons shift
Spring will never arrive
In this unforgiving world of sin
Again the snow will fall
To bury alive my will to live
In the endless winter
I have nothing left to give

Can I survive the Endless Winter?