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Confira a Letra Building Houses Out Of Sand

On My Honor

Building Houses Out Of Sand

I'm never honest with myself
I never tell it like it is
I never set the record straight
But time is running out
The sun is going down
On everything we know

It's been one of those late nights
Thinking about all i've done and lost
And how
Everything changes so quick
And it feels like
I'm building houses out of sand
Waiting for the tide to roll in
And wash away everything

I've always wanted it this way
The sleepless nights, the lonely times
It's all part of the plan i've made
To find out what i'm about, to remove all of the doubt
That's running through
My head

I wanna put my feet on west coast sand
Have a drink with my best friends
And talk about how they all said
We'd never make it here