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Confira a Letra Isn't It Funny

Onesto Jennifer

Isn't It Funny

Man at the river's edge
Thinks of things he should have said
But that was a long time ago
The truth cuts too deep now he's losing his sleep
Over love he should never let go

I picked up the book again
Sat on the floor and then read about body and soul
If truth's found in there what am I doing here
With my life spinning out of control

Isn't it funny how we can't see it (It's so funny)
We're looking right at it but we ain't got it (We can't see it)
We used to know it but we just forgot it oh no (Used to knowit)

Mom's working late again
To close the deal she began
The kids are at home all alone
Daddy's not there he's been gone for two years
But he gives them his love from the phone

Kid in a candy store
Fills his pocket with one more
Then he heads straight for the door
He leaves with a grin 'cause he knows it's no sin
When he thinks that nobody else knows

Isn't it funny when we lose through the years
The best we can do is learn to laugh through the tears

I sit at the river's edge
And think of things I should have said
But that was a long time ago
The truth cuts too deep now I'm losing my sleep
Over love I should never let go