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Confira a Letra Fractured Queen

Onesto Jennifer

Fractured Queen

I am known as the fractured queen
I have cornered all the scenes
I have loved and I have lost
But now I am found
Oh yes I am found

I have stood on comfort's floor
Cut my tongue try'n to have some more
Wanted what I could not take
So I had to reach the sky
Oh I had to reach the sky

Because I know things can never be the same so
I reach up and touch the sky
And I will not ask why
I'm so healed as I try
I try to touch the sky

I've heard screams from beyond the door
Fractured love lying on the floor
There are hands that try as they may
They try and reach so high
Human hands try and reach so high

I've been raptured by love before
I've watched love fall on comfort's floor
Fractured fingers for those who claw
For a lost love to be found
For a love to be found