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Confira a Letra Here In The Darkness

Onesto Jennifer

Here In The Darkness

Had a dream again somebody help me
Take his image from my mind
'Cause someone safe sleeps next to me
But it's another face that's all I see
It's a face that I remember I should never have set free

'Cause here in the darkness is where I am running
Here in the darkness is where I belong
Here in the darkness I find all my comfort
Here in the darkness is where my lover's from

My mind goes out while I'm sleeping
Takes me to a place that I don't belong
It takes me from life's simple charms
To another who all I did was harm
It's a wanting and an aching
For what might have been

Darkness come take me
Don't let him wake me
Darkness don't leave me alone
And I know he's waiting
Yes I know he's waiting
I just know he's waiting
I just shut my eyes shut my eyes

It's been years now since I've seen him
I did not leave it in the best of ways
So what's this that keeps haunting me
I hear he's happy as can be
Maybe I know he's happy,
'Cause he's happy without me