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Confira a Letra The Path Of Divine


The Path Of Divine

Forest of aria
Cradle of dark elves
Hear the whispers of old trees
They know the secret of the fear

When the old land of elves rise
His magic rivers shine
And the nymphs are waiting for
All the flowers a new dance now
And the woods sing
A song who never dies

In the time of dragon's reign
In the dark a secret birth
Beauty of a thousand realms
Through the night a flying bird...

And so now she's the one
Who can live through the time

In the path of divine
I must find the way
To reach my fate

Dead leaves of aria
Where goblins are leaving morn
Hear them spoken about thrill
They know the secret of slow kill

While I see their sly faces
Little bodies like the dolls
And their shining deadly eyes

A death is proposed by myself
Look this lightening
You are already dead

One by one their blood will flow
What's the sign that brings the end?
May it be a sound of cries?
May it be visions of might?

In the path of divine
I must find the way
To reach my fate

There is always someone
Who can break our dreams
And our wings!
Real forces is in our hearts
We must walking alone
And I spend a new day
In the path of divine...

Screamin' over power
Scrollin' all the lives they've steal!
Cryin' what we can't heal
Dreamin' all the faces we've lost!
In their smiles I can dry my tears!

After a night cherished by the fear
I hear a whisper who say that

We are the children of spirit and might
We are all where nothingness rules