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Confira a Letra MC Chipmunk

Optimus Rhyme

MC Chipmunk

We know how you feel about this opening bands
And assert that they are leeching and stealing your fans
Man, that's a loser move, we all need support
MC Chipmunk's coming up short

We met a little rapper who is so damn cute
Has this chubby little cheeks standing 3 ft. 2
We call him Chipmunk because his voice is squeaky too
And when he said he smoked weed, dude he lied to you
And he doesn't guzzle Robotussin, he doesn't do much
The stuff he raps about, yaps about
Telling kids to track him down
After the show in the parking lot
Because that's where he says he likes to spark his pot
His fans find out that he just talks a lot
He's like a little puppy dog, likes to bark a lot
And never bite, except for the songs that he writes
In every piece of culture he regards in taking sides
It's amazing, watch him walk out and press play
The Gummi-Bear soundtrack blows the crowd away
But I gotta say, this kid is smarter than he looks
We bought his CD and started singing all his hooks
We played a couple of shows, I guess he got the upper hand
He tricked us into thinking the he was indeed man
He was all smiles, laughing, joking, slapping hands
He said he was a fan as he hopped inside the van

But that's typical for MC Chip
He's a hypocritical little twit
Whose face drips, I don't trust him a bit
He's not fit for this music
First he's not nerdcore but now he tries to use it

Whatever, we had a show set up to play together
but Chipmunk steps up and says he'd never
share the stage with Optimus and promptly kicked us out
He claimed that we left a bad taste in his mouth
What's that all about?
See Chip use us to be heel
Afraid to say this face to face he chooses just to squeal
I'm no you're sensitive Chip, but sorry, listen up
We live in Seattle of course we think the bears suck

We know how you feel about these opening bands
And you think that they're leeching and stealing your fans
Man, that's a loser move dude, we all need support
MC Chipmunk's coming up short

You think about you, anything is awesome
You used the burning man so quickly and often
You could be the king of your level minded court
But MC Chipmunk's coming up short

Hey Chip, I'm sorry that I think you're a dick
Maybe I'm the one who's a prick
Maybe I'm the one who played PAX and then never came back
With my fez too pumped up and big
You this might be a fact, that we're the novelty act
Then I'm the throwaway wrapper with disposable check
I mean, maybe we're the ones who like to overreact
Maybe I'm the comedian pretending to rap
Or maybe not
Let's say we stop before it gets confusing
I'm not the rapper in the big time movie
I'm not the dude in the Post and the Times
I'm just Wheelie Cyberman, you know from Optimus Rhyme
The point is this:
We're nowhere near as big as MC Chip
And MC Chip is nowhere near as big as what he thinks he is
I hope he gets a million hits and figures that he wins
but then it's single player Chip 'cause you don't have any friends

Megalomaniac, that's you dude
We never said what we think around you
Don't get me wrong, yes this song is true
I won't let it go, other systems too
Yeah, think about it, gonna rap gonna lose it
Who's this kid with derivative music
Ha Chip, wish you the best
Come to the top with full success
Stab your friends in the back and chest
Get what you need you snot nosed pest