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Confira a Letra The Conduit Ocean


The Conduit Ocean

I am blank vastness
In the eyes of cosm
Vibration acceleration
In the ocean of matter
Above my body
Staring into infinity
A reflection veers
And unrolls it's pedals

I come to a great eye
Embraced by the subtleties
That make us beautiful
The great eye opens
We know we are before god

Enveloped in hieroglyphics
The body unfolds

Ancient patterns cascade
Million ages unfurl
My eyes focus
And the third retina opens
Amber rain fell before me
The sun burned as my god
We are laced to the conduits of infinity
And I die, And I am reborn

Concentration through divinity
In our organic bodies
We are potential
And can see beyond the physical

With these connections
We enter the palace of truth
And ponder the minds nature
And the nature of dying