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Confira a Letra The Road to Awe


The Road to Awe

I crafted an epoch
A single move to make
Not a worm has emerged
Cleansing, despondent dissipation
Your fluid has stained me
Raised my pustules
I've found the treatment
Now rest in your calamity

In the Night, I long to find my soul
In the Night, I long to find my soul
In the Night, Under The Light
An Offering, An Earthy Site

Rest, of the flesh to the unborn breed
Spontaneity killed the lamb
Irregular symmetries foreshadow eradication
The just man seeks normality
A new sun has risen, separate from its advent
Attraction and repulsion fell from the same branch
Restrained desire flows in passive streams
Construct a domicile devoid of reason
Cascade the union of twin psyche
Corrode the sensation that bred necessity

Deny the bird that craves the worm
Persist, the fool to the self inflicted abrasion
A bounty, remain a memoir; the personal observation of lust

Not man condemns himself, but the trap that caught him
Gamble the fortunes of labor, for the fruit has already spoiled
Expectation is the crop that killed the harvest

Length is the tactic of restraint
Absent was the seed within the womb which bred life
Imposition tipped the scale of humility
Breathe the air of contempt
Your memory is nearly faded to me